Improve your image management and keep your exams accessible

VisionPACS® is currently the most widely used and N°1 selling PACS in several countries.

VisionPACS® gives you the best in information management. We offer a complete range of high-performance modular solutions, multi-modality image archiving systems suitable for the entire establishment. We link all departments in your facility and provide the data gathered from various care units.

The RemoteViewer® application, of VisionPACS®, allows you to access images wherever you are instead of waiting for images to arrive. It also offers a robust 3D environment for post-processing, printing and CD/DVD burning. Thanks to its second WEB type interface, VisionPACS® allows access to Wavelet type images from any computer through a simple web browser.

VisionPACS® features:

  • Modular and unlimited archiving.
  • Feature-rich client-server interface.
  • Functional web interface on Windows, Mac and Unix.
  • Support for multiple databases.
  • Support fot standard DICOM, HL7, DICOM Modality WorkList and DICOM MPPS.
  • Secure access and password authentication.
  • Advanced rights management.
    Connection with an unlimited number of modalities.
  • Interface to dicomize non-DICOM devices.
    Ability to put a mirror server.
  • Support for multiple types of lossy and lossless compression and Wavelet.

RemoteViewer® features:

  • Display and processing of multi-screen images.
  • Measurements, annotations, rotations, zoom, cinema mode…
  • Stitching, subtraction and addition of images.
  • Cobb angle, coxometry, goniometry and TAGT.
  • DICOM PRINT and advanced windows printing.
  • 2D and 3D reconstruction MPR, MIP, MinIP, AveIP and VR of exceptional quality in real time.
  • Orthogonal, oblique, double oblique and curved MPR of variable thickness.
  • Reconstruction of derived series.
  • Automatic table subtraction (CT)
  • Automatic Bone subtraction (Autobone)
  • Manual segmentation of vessels and bone structures.