The LIS that adapts to your lab

We have designed the VisionLIS® information system in response to the daily needs of our biologist partners. An answer that we wanted to adapt to the Moroccan context so that you can fully adopt it. Today, laboratory professionals are not only challenged to ensure timely and reliable results to support patient care, but they must also manage day-to-day laboratory operations. We realized that by providing them with the right kind of information, easily accessible and manageable, we could contain some of the pressures they face on a daily basis.

VisionLIS® was designed to streamline and simplify all the operations carried out in a laboratory. Indeed, our solution covers all the operations related to the daily activity of the medical biologist as well as all the management operations from the reception of the patient to the obtaining and the sending of the analysis results.

Our solution is a 100% digital solution, ergonomic, user friendly and which can be deployed in single-site and multi-site. It meets new laboratory requirements by reducing inefficiencies. Indeed, the VisionLIS® provides actionable insights and analyzes of laboratory data to offer a global and detailed vision for better decision-making.

Sample management

VisionLIS® also allows the management of samples, in particular the generation of barcodes to be placed on the containers upon receipt of the samples. Various other parameters such as clinical or phenotypic information corresponding to the samples are recorded.

Patient file management

VisionLIS® records all patient information, from the moment of arrival until the retrieval of results.

Communication with automated analyzers

VisionLIS® offers a flexible and adaptive interface to automated analyzers. It communicates with all types of automated analyzers in uni/bidirectional mode.

Electronic data interchange (and networks)

The exponential volume of data created in laboratories makes the use of an information system necessary. VisionLIS® uses a very powerful SQL database to support real-time data exchange. It also offers the possibility of long-term data storage.

Billing and tariffs

VisionLIS® combines customer information management and acts. It offers a solution that is both integral and autonomous, allowing you to customize the prices of analyzes by parameter and by accounting class of the patient while taking into account the discounts applied. Billing has been designed to be configurable and adapted to local specificities.


VisionLIS® offers a general overview of your global business in figures. Graphs allow you to see the evolution of a battery of activity and profitability indicators including turnover, profit margin among others.

Traceability and rights

VisionLIS® allows the management of user rights with precise traceability of the actions performed during each connection.


VisionLIS® complies with standards for biological laboratories.

Patient relationship management

Management of demographic information and communications for supported patients.


VisionLIS® allows samples to be tracked throughout their life cycles.


User management, billing and bank account management. Mailing. Integration of Analysis Packs, Standards, Reports and Analysis Category. Validation of results by technicians and biologists. Generation of the patient’s history of his anteriorities…


VisionLIS® offers the possibility of editing blood group cards as well as patient loyalty cards.