Improve the management of your service or radiology office

VisionRIS® is one of the best RIS in the world, N°1 in sales in several countries with more than 80% market share

Developed by physicians for physicians and validated in multiple facilities, VisionRIS® solutions enable healthcare facilities to simplify workflow, increase productivity and increase both patient and caregiver satisfaction .

From booking appointments to invoicing, VisionRIS® manages your entire workflow through patient admission, WorkList, report dictation and distribution and finally class-based invoicing patient accounting and collection. The possibility of managing multi-site establishments allows VisionRIS® to meet the needs of the most demanding installations.

For radiologists:

The “Radiologist” interface can be configured to best adapt to the needs of the radiologist thanks to several options: Organization of files by room, prioritization of the urgency of reports, access to PACS images from VisionRIS® and dictation digital. All of these options allow for faster diagnostics and reporting.

For handlers:

Thanks to the DICOM Modality Worklist option, entering “patient” data on the modality screen becomes unnecessary. The only entry of information on the patient and the examination will be done at the reception.
VisionRIS® can also rate examinations and consumer products.

For secretaries:

Secretaries will spend less time writing reports: Once the report is dictated by the radiologist, it is automatically sent by network to the secretary who, aided by digital transcription pedals, does the writing in record time.

For receptionists:

The VisionRIS® multi-site appointment agenda allows a global view of room occupancy, which makes it faster and easier to make appointments. In addition to the automatic appointment suggestion service.

List of features:

  • Multi-site computerized appointment request via the web.
  • Patient reception (with or without an appointment)
  • Graphical interface for scheduling appointments.
  • DICOM Modality WorkList and DICOM MPPS.
  • Scoring and Payment for Exams.
  • Stock management and traceability of consumables.
  • Digital dictation and typing minutes via network.
  • Prioritization of reporting urgency.
  • Patient history.
  • Invoicing and collection.
    Detailed cash management.
  • Management of conventions and special pricing.
  • Automatic generation of documents (invoices, slips, lists, etc.)
  • CNAM management.
  • Doctors’ fees.
  • Statistics and performance analysis.