Go professional

Thanks to its professional and technological experience in the world of medical imaging, BINARIOS® has put all its know-how into the design and production of its Dicom printing system on paper.

VisionPRINT® is a Dicom interface adapted for Xerox® printers. It is an ideal and efficient tool for printing DICOM images on A3 and A4 paper or in booklet format with an attached report.

The print server allows imaging centers to reduce their environmental impact and operational expenses. VisionPRINT® also helps to optimize the workflow within the imaging department.

Main features:

  • DICOM Print 3.0 print server.
  • HL7 interface for receiving reports.
  • Interface rich in LUT type adjustment possibilities.
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment.
  • Multi-modality DICOM (MRI, CT, US, CR etc)
  • Processing of color and monochrome images.
  • A3 and A4 paper size.
  • Booklet format and automatic association between reports and images.
  • Simultaneous processing of several tasks.
  • With the use of the VisionPACS® software, it is possible to send the DICOM PRINT printing sheets to the booklet.
  • Support for several printer models.
  • Compatibility with PDF reports.