The power to transform images in decisions

After 10 years of research and development, after a few hundred million lines of code and after a few dozen versions, the VisionPACS®Advance workstation has reached the level of maturity necessary to be a leader in several countries. Today VisionPACS®Advance launches the challenge of becoming the world reference medical image processing software.

VisionPACS®Advance is a scalable solution that starts with a basic version and allows you to add the options of your choice at a lower cost. Its intuitive, complete and extremely powerful user interface (2D, 3D, Volume Rendering, MIP, MPR, Autobone,
Vascular analysis, lung study, colon study, dental study and oncology follow-up, etc.) makes this post-processing platform an essential tool for making a diagnosis. Its power and speed will save you time and streamline workflow in your radiology department or practice.

Database :

  • Local multimodality database, multiservice DICOM Store, Q/R, WorkList, MPPS, DICOM J2000.
  • View/edit DICOM fields.
  • CD/DVD import and burning with built-in viewer.
  • Export of images in bmp, jpeg, avi, etc.

Ergonomics and interfaces :

  • Quick and easy handling.
  • Toolbar depending on the type of exam and type of study.
  • Image thumbnails for easy navigation.

Security :

  • Authentication by username and password.
  • Access control by list of rights and permissions.
  • Password protected deletion and modification.
  • Anonymization of controlled examinations.
  • CE IIa marking for diagnosis.

Image viewing and processing :

  • Display and processing of images on one and two screens.
  • Support for a 3rd screen for the list of exams and the report.
  • Measurements (angles, distances, areas, densities)
  • Annotations, Image Rotation, Graduated Scale, Zoom, Magnifier.
  • Cine Mode.

Special processing :

  • Stitching and collage of images.
  • Subtraction and addition of images.
  • Measurement: Cobb angle, TAGT and Coxometry/Gonometry.

Printing :

  • Automatic and manual film composition.
  • Real size printing.
  • film composition Backup.
  • Customizing film composition with image areas of different sizes.
  • Printing on paper printer.

3D and post processing :

  • Real-time variable-thickness MPR reconstruction.
  • Reconstruction of derived series of variable thickness.
  • Orthogonal and curved MPR reconstruction.
  • 2D oblique and double oblique reconstruction of variable thickness (MIP, MinIP and AveIP)
  • 3D reconstruction in VR/MIP/MinIP/AveIP.
  • Real-time premium 3D hardware acceleration.
  • Spherical shutter on 3D volume.
  • Manual segmentation of vessels and bone structures

Oncological follow-up :

  • Oncological follow-up according to the RECIST 1.1 evaluation criteria.
  • Creation of special oncology reports.

Dental Study :

  • Creation of reconstructed series of dental cuts.
  • Creation of panoramic images.
  • Real size print.

Study of multiparametric MR examinations :

  • Automatic detection of multiphase series.
  • Manual adjustment of pre-enhancement and wash-in wash-out ranges.
  • Display of the time/signal intensity line graph of a 2D or 3D ROI.
  • Chromatic display of Signal Enhancement Ratio (SER)
  • Chromatic display of the Maximum Slope of Increase (MSI)
  • Chromatic display of Positive Enhancement Integral (PEI)

Advanced Vessel Analysis :

  • Bone segmentation and automatic vessel detection for examinations of the Thorax, abdomen and lower limbs (Autobone)
  • Detailed analysis of vascular structures.
  • Study of stenoses and aneurysms.
  • Tools for the automatic and manual improvement of vessel centerlines. Creation of special vascular reports.

Lung study :

  • Automatic segmentation and detection of right and left lungs with volume calculation.
  • Calculation of pathological volumes.
  • Automatic detection of lung nodules.
  • Creation of special lung reports.

Colon study :

  • Automatic colon detection in supination and pronation.
  • Synchronized multi-view display of series (Supine/Prone)
  • Synchronized endoscopic navigation with 360° vision.
  • Automatic detection of polyps and suspicious tissue.
  • Spread out view of the colon.
  • Creation of special colon reports.