Improve the management of your hospital

In order to meet the needs of Hospital Information Systems, BINARIOS gave birth to VisionHIS®. A robust and multidisciplinary software package that allows you to manage a health structure in its entirety.

VisionHIS® is a software that encompasses the medical, technical and administrative sectors of a hospital structure. It manages the entire patient circuit from admission to discharge in addition to invoicing, pharmacy, stock management… VisionHIS® can also connect to other management software (PACS, RIS…) .

VisionHIS® respects the international standards of the medical market.

Administrative and medical patient file:

  • Management of patient identities (permanent patient identifier)
  • Advanced search engine including phonetically close results.
  • Management of stays.
  • Clinical reception: admission and discharge of patients.
  • File duplicate management.
  • Selective merging of the patient file.
  • Selective merging of stays.
  • Reassignment of stays.
  • Template-based document generation: admissions sheet, consents, information sheets, prescriptions.
  • Electronic document management, all formats (images, PDF, etc.), with multi-page viewer.
  • Management of medical history and allergies
  • Annotation and alert systems shared between healthcare professionals and facility staff

Activity of the health establishment:

  • Planning of patient admissions / discharges at reception.
  • Operating room management.
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of programs from the block and hospital services.
  • Coding of acts and diagnoses directly in the room by practitioners.
  • Hospitalization planning
    Bed allocation.
  • Movements in services.
  • Bed optimization.
  • Alert system (overbooking, septic conflicts, etc.)
  • Follow-up of medical observations.
  • Monitoring of medical constants at the bedside of the patient.
  • Validation of care and medication administration by staff.
  • Coding of procedures and diagnoses at the bedside.
  • Complete management of the pharmacy, stocks, orders.
  • Complete traceability of drugs, DMI, MD and blood derivatives.
  • Meal management.
  • Quality management system.
  • Creation and follow-up of incident sheets.
  • Electronic management of procedures (version tracking, grouping by chapters, etc.)
  • Verification of the coding of acts and pre-grouping for export (Invoicing system, etc.)
  • Activity Dashboards.

Activity of practitioners:


  • Booking consultation appointments.
  • Management of medical and surgical consultations.
  • Medical history, treatments, addictions, diagnosis, reasons, examinations, remarks, treatments.
  • Management of pre-anaesthetic consultations.
  • Clinical examinations.
  • Intubation conditions, oral status.
  • Anesthesia Information
    GSI score.
  • Automated production of letters, prescriptions and prescriptions based on models.
  • Weekly and daily dashboards.
  • Payment tracking.

Clinical activity:

  • Electronic admission form based on protocols.
  • Planning of operation ranges.
  • Management of out-of-range operations.
  • Planning of the operating room.
  • Automated production of intervention reports, based on models.
  • Management of anesthesia records.


  • Secure access: authentication, SSL.
  • Multi-establishment management.
  • User management by firm / function.
  • Advanced administration of user rights and permissions.
  • Traceability of actions performed in the system: history by object and by user.