Stand out from your competitors

Give a more professional look to your discs (CD or DVD) by providing very high quality personalized labels.

Thanks to this reliable and precise robot, you can automatically order the burning and printing of all your DICOM CDs or DVDs directly from your modalities or your PACS without going through manual operations.

To burn and print DICOM CDs or DVDs easily and in record time, Binarios meets your needs with VisionDISC®! All you have to do is send from any modality on the network and VisionDISC® reliably burns and prints all your discs, with photo-realistic quality and a reduced and controlled production cost. As a result you will obtain labeled discs which include, in addition to patient data, the address and logo of the imaging center.

Reputation for excellence

VisionDISC® is based on an Epson hardware robot. This one enjoys great trust around the world, and guarantees the quality of the material part of this product. Epson also gives you the assurance of the durability of this robot, its accessories, as well as its technical support for many years.

Cost reduction

Because VisionDISC® uses separate ink cartridges for each color, you only replace used cartridges. Epson’s AcuGrip™ robotics is also patent pending by Epson. This robot guarantees the taking of a single blank medium, and prevents damage to the burning drives. The result offers an unbeatable total cost price.

Print quality

Six-color Micro Piezo™ technology is arguably the best printing technology in its class. Combined with high quality CD/DVD media, VisionDISC® provides a brilliant and extremely sharp quality printed image.


VisionDISC® includes a very powerful DICOM engine compatible with all types of exams. So you can burn and print your DICOM images and reports directly from the modality consoles without manual intervention. Your discs will then contain a viewer that will allow you to read your images and reports on an ordinary PC.


VisionDISC® offers the ability to burn and print up to 100 blank media without handling, with a speed of 30 CDs or 15 DVDs per hour. VisionDISC® is perfectly suited for manufacturing thousands of discs each year.


VisionDISC® has a very intuitive touchscreen interface. This robot is the only one in its category whose all operations are done intuitively on the front panel, and which indicates its operating status at a glance.


Thanks to its robust and dust-tight structure, VisionDISC® guarantees a very long service life. Its intuitive use, its very high reliability during CD/DVD production, as well as the revolutionary capacity of printing more than 1000 media per cartridge set, make it a professional robot for many years.