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Nowadays, medical establishments have to manage exponential volumes of information and images. Installations of new modalities are doubling or even tripling storage needs, putting considerable strain on medical, administrative staff and budgets. The need to efficiently circulate this data within a hospital structure only adds new difficulties.

Healthcare professionals therefore need effective solutions and means to manage and archive data from multiple sources.

Institutions equipped with efficient and modern solutions will reap significant benefits, thanks to increased productivity, better quality of care, improved services provided and cost savings.

At BINARIOS®, we have invested time and resources in the development of our PACS, RIS, LIS, HIS systems, printing on paper and burning DICOM CD/DVD with label. Thanks to a highly qualified team and the support of many doctors and radiology technicians, VisionPACS® has become the reference in the Maghreb with more than 500 installations.


VisionPACS® gives you the best in information management. We offer a complete range of high-performance modular solutions, multi-modality image archiving systems suitable for the entire establishment. We link all departments in your facility and provide the data gathered from various care units.

The RemoteViewer® application, of VisionPACS®, allows you to access images wherever you are instead of waiting for images to arrive. It also offers a robust 3D environment for post-processing, printing and CD/DVD burning. Thanks to its second WEB type interface, VisionPACS® allows access to Wavelet type images from any computer through a simple web browser.


After 10 years of research and development, after a few hundred million lines of code and after a few dozen versions, the VisionPACS® Advance workstation has reached the level of maturity necessary to be a leader in several countries. Today VisionPACS® Advance sets the challenge of becoming the world reference medical image processing software. VisionPACS® Advance is a scalable solution that starts with a basic version and allows you to add the options of your choice at a lower cost. Its intuitive, comprehensive and extremely powerful user interface (2D, 3D, Volume Rendering, MIP, MPR, Autobone, Vessel Analysis, etc.) makes this post-processing platform an essential tool for establishing a diagnosis. Its power and speed will save you time and optimize workflow in your radiology department or practice


Give a more professional look to your discs (CD or DVD) by providing very high quality personalized labels.

Thanks to this reliable and precise robot, you can automatically order the burning and printing of all your DICOM CDs or DVDs directly from your modalities or your PACS without going through manual operations.

To burn and print DICOM CDs or DVDs easily and in record time, BINARIOS® meets your needs with VisionDISC®! All you have to do is send from any modality on the network and VisionDISC® reliably burns and prints all your discs, with photo-realistic quality and a reduced and controlled production cost. As a result you will obtain labeled discs which include, in addition to patient data, the address and logo of the imaging center.


Thanks to its professional and technological experience in the world of medical imaging, BINARIOS® has put all its know-how into the design and production of its Dicom printing system on paper.

VisionPRINT® is a Dicom interface adapted for Xerox® printers. It is an ideal and efficient tool for printing DICOM images on A3 and A4 paper or in booklet format with an attached report.

The print server allows imaging centers to reduce their environmental impact and operational expenses. VisionPRINT® also helps to optimize the workflow within the imaging department.


Developed by physicians for physicians and validated in multiple facilities, VisionRIS® solutions enable healthcare facilities to simplify workflow, increase productivity and increase both patient and caregiver satisfaction .

From booking appointments to invoicing, VisionRIS® manages your entire workflow through patient admission, WorkList, report dictation and distribution and finally class-based invoicing patient accounting and collection. The possibility of managing multi-site establishments allows VisionRIS® to meet the needs of the most demanding installations.


In order to meet the needs of Hospital Information Systems, BINARIOS® gave birth to VisionHIS®. A robust and multidisciplinary software package that allows you to manage a health structure in its entirety.

VisionHIS® is a software that encompasses the medical, technical and administrative sectors of a hospital structure. It manages the entire patient circuit from admission to discharge in addition to invoicing, pharmacy, stock management… VisionHIS® can also connect to other management software (PACS, RIS…) .

VisionHIS® respects the international standards of the medical market.


We have designed the VisionLIS® information system in response to the daily needs of our biologist partners. An answer that we wanted to adapt to the Moroccan context so that you can fully adopt it. Today, laboratory professionals are not only challenged to ensure timely and reliable results to support patient care, but they must also manage day-to-day laboratory operations. We realized that by providing them with the right kind of information, easily accessible and manageable, we could contain some of the pressures they face on a daily basis.

VisionLIS® was designed to streamline and simplify all the operations carried out in a laboratory. Indeed, our solution covers all the operations related to the daily activity of the medical biologist as well as all the management operations from the reception of the patient to the obtaining and the sending of the analysis results.

Our solution is a 100% digital solution, ergonomic, user friendly and which can be deployed in single-site and multi-site. It meets new laboratory requirements by reducing inefficiencies. Indeed, the VisionLIS® provides actionable insights and analyzes of laboratory data to offer a global and detailed vision for better decision-making.